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Menu Multiform – This needs to be done in Visual Basic

***I have the forms built I just need help with the codes. I've been working on it for days and can't get it to work. Thanks in Advanced for the help.*******

Create a menu type form that provides the user the capability to select one of the following two subforms. Means of selection is programmers choice.

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The first form titled Name and Age provides two labeled text boxes for the user to input a first name and a last name. The name fields may not be left empty. Theform must also provide a combo box that lists numbers in the range 21-28 and allows the user to select or enter an age. An entered age may not be greater than 35.Three buttons, Visible, Clear, and Exit with ALT access keys shall be provided. When first displayed, the form fields and labels shall be grayed out (notaccessible). Selecting the Visible button shall make them accessible and not grayed out. Display the current system date in the form title. Selecting Clear clearsthe textbox and combo box selecting and provides for new entries. Selecting Exit returns the user to the top menu.

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The second form titled Month shall provide a checked list box that displays the contents of a read in months.txt file containing the names of the 12 calendarmonths. The user must select at least 3 of the listed months. A menu bar shall be provided that contains a File item. Under the File menu bar item shall be theselections to Save, Clear, and Exit. Selecting Save shall result in display of the selected months in a multiline list box on the form and the writing of theselected months to a text file named selected_months.txt. Selecting Clear clears the selections and provides for new entries. Selecting Exit returns the user tothe top menu.

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