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means trying to find customers for a company’s current products in a new mo a. Market penetration b. Product development c. Mass marketing d. Diversification e. Market development A is the process of planning and executing the concepe According to the American Marketing Association market changes that satisfy individual and organization promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create goals. In other words, marketing plans and executes the: a marketing mix b. market niche strategy c. competitor strategy d. product life cycle e micro- and macro-environments 9. 10. TOWS analysis can help us a. Ink a company’s current strengths to future opportunities b. Improve forecasting and decision-making c. measure Time and Opportunity for Work Strategies in decision-making d. perform SWOT analysis in reverse order e. “a” and “b” are correct 11. According to the Boston Consulting Group’s BCG Growth Share Matrix, and given your knowledge of the macro- environment, a business unit that has a low market share in an industry with a high growth rate –for example, Dell’s late entry to the market for distribution of its own brand of flat-panel television screens – would be an example of: a. star b. question mark c. fat cat d. cash cow e dog 12. In 2018, the Hispanic community’s buying power in the state of Georgia grew to $10 billion, as more Hispanics migrated to the state. This is an example of how changes in the



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