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Mean Time between Failure Calculations The reliability of a piece of electronic equipment is usually measured in terms of mean time between failures (MTBF), where MTBF is the average time that the piece of equipment can operate before a failure occurs in it. For large systems containing

many pieces of electronic equipment, it is customary to determine the MTBFs of each component and to calculate the overall MTBF of the system from the failure rates of the individual components. If the system is structured like the one shown in Figure 4.9, every component must work in order for the whole system to work, and the overall system MTBF can be calculated as

Write a program that reads in the number of series components in a system and the MTBFs for each component and then calculates the overall MTBF for the system. To test your program, determine the MTBF for a radar system consisting of an antenna subsystem with an MTBF of 2000 hours, a transmitter with an MTBF of 800 hours, a receiver with an MTBF of 3000 hours, and a computer with an MTBF of 5000 hours.




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