MCQ- product/process layout

1.Which of the following statements is true?

A.product layouts are flexible; process layouts are efficient
B.product layouts are efficient; process layouts are flexible
C.product and process layouts are equally flexible; neither are efficient
D.product and process layout are equally efficient; neither are flexible

2. A assembly line manufacturing company hopes to achieve a daily output of 200 units during 6 hours of production time. Assuming there is no lost time during the 6 hours of production, the desired cycle time to achieve the targeted level of output is

A.3.0 minutes
B.1.8 minutes
C.1.5 minutes
D.0.03 minutes

3. Material handling equipment that can follow multiple paths, move in any direction, and carry large loads of in-processinventory is most likely to be associated with a _________ layout


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