MCB 253 University of Illinois Urbana SDS PAGE Characterization Protocol Lab Report

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Submit a PDF of your SDS-PAGE protocol. You need to include background information about the technique as well as the steps of your protocol. Be sure to include your references. (50 points total)

Protocol should include the following:

  1. Background information describing the techniques (5 points), purpose of the experiment (5 points), and a hypothesis (5 points).
  2. A protocol with numbered steps that contain correct units for volumes, times, weights, etc. (15 points)
  3. Data/dilution charts (to be filled in while you are conducting your experiments) (10 points)
  4. Explanation of expected results (5 points)
  5. References with proper in text citations (5 points)

(#1 above is 15 points total; #2-­5 above are worth 35 points total.)

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