MBA 515 PU Processes & Lessons in Team Projects & Sound Decisions Essay

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Describe how you made decisions in MBA515. Quantitatively, you worked 41 or more problems in Connect. You learned many formulas and processes for arriving at correct numbers, which management accountants commonly provide. You used Excel for your quantitative data. Then to make decisions in an organization (or your team), one needs to take steps to bring about sound decisions for the organization, which involves other steps and processes for sound decision making.

In a high-level, condensed and summative, executive-level paper (2-pages maximum),

  1. Describe processes and lessons learned during the Team Project.
  2. Describe steps that you used for making sound decisions during your Team Project.
    1. Classify steps as System 1 or 2 type of thinking. Explain.
    2. Classify nature of the information as being quantitative or qualitative. Explain.
    3. Explain the integrative team-based nature of decisionmaking s
    4. Explain the type of thinking used – integrative, perception thinking, system thinking, reflection,
    5. Describe collaborative steps or processes used.
  3. Describe the lessons that you implemented to make the team more productive (or describe how processes became counter-productive).

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