MATH 110 American Public University Week 2 How to Linear Equation Discussion

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Searching for SolutionsThis is your chance to review some on-line resources — and maybe find a new best friend! Click on “View Full Description” below for the directions.

The internet can be a powerful ally when you are trying to figure out how to solve a problem. Collectively, we are going to develop a “library” of materials that explain the topics covered in the lessons.

Pick one of the topics from Weeks 1 or 2 that no one has reported on, click on Start a New Conversation, and make the subject the name of the link (for example: YouTube PatrickJMT: Finding the Slope of a Line). Then give us a review of the “helper” in at least 150 words. Include what you like or don’t like about it and why you think it may be helpful to others.

The site that you review may not be one that allows you to input the problem to be solved.

Then, for the remaining two posts, respond to two classmates with comments about their post – or a helpful suggestion about related resources.

You will receive 6 points for your first post and 2 points each for your other two.

The goal is for us to develop a resource to help students become more comfortable with these algebraic concepts.

Initial Post Due: Thursday, by 11:55 p.m., ET
Second and Third Posts Due: Sunday, by 11:55 p.m., ET

Please sign ALL your Forum posts with the name that you like to be called – it makes it so much easier for the rest of us to address you by your preferred name when we respond.

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