Match These With A Term Or Phrase No Word Bank A Can Be A Result Of Mitotic Nondisju 2737099

Match these with a term or phrase. No word bank.

A. Can be a result of mitotic nondisjunction

B. Where two or more disorders co-occur in the same person

C. The mispositioning or placement of neurons; clusters of neurons in the wrong cortical area

D. Same gene can have different effects in different people

E. Variants of a gene

F. Occurs during meiosis, leads to a mixture of genes across homologous chromosomes

G. Behavioral similarities among spousal pairs

H. Helps to allow for the survival of people with chromosome aneuploidies like XXY, XXX, etc.

I. Product of genes – used in metabolism, etc.

J. A distribution of multifactorial risk factors where if enough factors are present an individual may exhibit a disease like schizophrenia

K. A type of mutation that can grow with each generation with the potential for increasingly severe phenotypes

L. 2 times the parent-offspring correlation/regression

M. Can lead to chromosomal duplication errors in subsequent cells

N. Nonequivalent expression of genes dependent upon parent of origin

O. A neurochemical/enzyme/protein that has been linked to Brunner Syndrome

P. Genes eliciting environments that, in turn, can modify personality, cognition, etc.

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