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Master level course : Building Energy Management System and Intelligent Buildings

Assignment topic : The Internet of Things (IOT) and its relationship with BEMS and IB.

The research report words count 5000words. (excluded content and referencing page.)

figure or table summary support the research report

Turn it in shall less than 10% plagiarism

Referenceing:Harvard referencing.

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Assignment 1 (75%) BEMS and Intelligent Buildings: Research paper (Submission date: 17 Dec 2018)This assignment will take the form of a written research paper focused on the emerging technologies within the disciplines of Building energy management systems and intelligent buildings. The examples of topics for the research paper could focus 1. Intelligent Buildings and Cybersecurity 2. The Internet of Things(IOT) and its relationship with BEMS and IB 3. Artificial Neural Networks and HVAC Control 4. The role of Open Protocols in BEMS and IB 5. The Economic impact of BEMS and Intelligent Buildings 6. The impact of BEMS within a Facilities Management framework 7. Smart Cities However, the student could propose their own area of study but this must be discussed with your module leader before progression Your research paper should be no more than 5000 words Assignment 2: Presentation (25%) As part of the assessment regime you are also asked to deliver a presentation of your research findings. The presentation format is left to the discretion of the student but should highlight how you have undertaken your research and map this to the evidence of your research activities contained within your ePortfolio. Student Instructions for Submission of Coursework You MUST submit your work through the VLE using the link set up by the tutor. Receipt of your work will be recorded. Your “Turnitin assignments” in the VLE can be set up so that you can check your assignment yourself as you submit it. This checking is done by creating an “Originality Report”. If this report shows that there are some problems with your work, such as un-cited quotations, you should be able to make corrections and re-submit the work again before the due date. NB You must also include a copy of your originality report with your final submission. The submission will not be marked if this is not included.Please note: Tutors will follow up any…



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