Marketing Plan Project

I need helped in developing a marketing plan. The Marketing Plan will consist of the following components:
• Introduction of your Product or Service Proposal
• Situational Assessment and Analysis (including information about the industry your product or service will be introduced in, your competition and a SWOT analysis
• Marketing Strategy (3 to 5 year strategic plan)
• Proposed Cash Flow analysis (this of course is based on how you think your product or service will perform
• Proposed Implementation Plan
• Controls (How will you measure the success of your product or service when you report back to management)

I was thinking of this outline
Page # 1: Executive Overview
Page # 2: Company Overview, Objectives and Goals
Page # 3: Situation Analysis
Pages # 4-5: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Analysis
Pages # 6-7: Market / Product / Customer Analysis
Page # 8: Marketing Strategy
Page # 9: Financial Projections
Page # 10 Implementation Plan
Page # 11: Evaluation and Control Metrics
Page # 12 + Appendix (References, other information that might be of benefit)

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