Marketing Campaign Research Paper

Coca-Cola made arguably one of the most popular marketing campaigns of all time – in fact, people still remember it today and it came out in 1971. It was catchy, it was memorable, and it made people want to purchase their beverage. It then spawned several decades of “It’s the Real Thing” ads from the bottling company, and even today, Coke still uses the same tagline. See for yourself:

The ad literally changed the way marketing was done in America. Read this article about the impetus behind the above ad: (Links to an external site.)

Thinking about popular marketing campaigns – what works and what doesn’t? Choose a product/campaign to focus on and compare/contrast it to another similar campaign. Try to find a video of that strategy and post it. If you can’t find a video, find some sort of image that you can show your classmates to demonstrate the product. Ask yourself: What WOW’d you about the campaign? What worked? Was it relevant to what was or is going on in society at the time? Then comment on two other posts. Do you agree with their assessment? Can you think of a company in the same arena of the product they are reporting on that may have done a better job with their marketing strategy?

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