managing sustainability

Format the answers as Times New Roman, 10 pt. Single Spaced, number all of the pages. Start each question on a separate page by entering inserting a page break. Please write out each question as a sub-heading, underline it and answer the question. Insert page number at the bottom right of each page. Leave a blank line between sib-questions. You may use the articles as a reference, please cite the exact page you are taking the information from or quoting. Be sure to answer each question in your own words. To be comprehensive, it is estimated that you will need to write about ¾ page for each question (for a total of 6 pages). If you use external articles, you will need to cite (with page numbers) them as well the materials from class. Be sure to submit a bibliography at the end.Questions 1. Climate changes: a. Discuss each of the 3 categories for the financial risk of climate change. b. Define “green conduct” and different approaches to implementing it. 2. Air quality management: a. What are the two categories of pollutants? Discuss each one. b. List the short-term and long-term actions that should be taken. Discuss each one. 3. Waste management (choose 2 to answer): a. Identify all of the countries participating in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. What is the purpose of the ASEAN cooperation? b. Which countries are leading in waste generation per country, per inhabitant, and per capita by category: MSW, MT, and E-waste? c. What is the technology assessment comparing two countries: Philippines and Thailand? Discuss each. 4. Groundwater contamination management (choose 2 to answer): a. Discuss the 5 ways to regulate groundwater use. b. How can we improve groundwater quality? Discuss each one. c. What are different ways to create groundwater awareness. 5. Green infrastructure (choose 2 to answer): a. What is green infrastructure? Define the term. b. Discuss the guiding principles for municipal decisions and policy making. c. Describe the different types of green infrastructure and their function. 6. Sustainable energy systems (choose 2 to answer): a. Why should we conserve energy? What are the benefits? b. Discuss each of the 8 renewable energy sources. c. How can we transition to a sustainable energy supply system? 7. UN sustainable development goals (choose 2 to answer): a. What is the role of the United Nations with respect to sustainable development? b. How will the United Nations implement its goals for sustainable development? c. Discuss each of the goals 11-15. 8. Corporate social responsibility (choose 2 to answer): a. Define sustainability, social sustainability, sustainable development, and corporate social responsibility. b. List the guiding principles of sustainability. c. What is the role of corporate social responsibility in the sustainable development process? d. Highlight the differences between younger-age and older-age consumers with each of the CSR constructs Requirements: minimum 6 pages

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