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Final Draft Details Topic : Stakeholder Identification Book : A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Sixth Edition Author: Project Management Institute Publisher: Project Management Institute Year Published: 2017 Edition: 6th ISBN: 10: 1628251845 or 13: 9781628251845 Title: Project Management: Achieving Competitive Advantage, 5/E Author: Jeffrey K. Pinto Publisher: Pearson Year Published: 2018 Edition: 5th ISBN: 10: 0134730712 or 13: 9780134730714 Final Draft assignment dialogue by midnight Saturday of Week 8by 11:55 PM CDT.Your final project paper will be graded according to the course project scoring rubric below. Final Course Project Assignment Scoring Due by midnight Saturday of Week 8 at 11:55 PM CT. 70% of the overall literature review assignment grade Course Project Scoring Rubric Percent of grade Structure: Includes a title page, introduction, thesis or problem statement, body, and recommendations and conclusions. Paper is organized in a hierarchical manner, with headings and subheadings, as needed to facilitate discernment of the logical structure. 10% The number of pages: 13 double-spaced pages, not including the title page, abstract, & reference pages (approximately 3,250 words). 10% Sources: At least eight additional scholarly sources (in addition to course texts); these sources can be books, journal articles, and/or (no more than two) online websites. 10% APA Style & Citations: Proper and effective use of APA 6.0 compliant citations and in-text references. 10% Title Page: Includes a title page with the title, date, course number and name, instructor’s name and your name. 10% Academic Honesty: Adheres to University policy regarding plagiarism and is free of plagiarized content. In cases of suspected plagiarism, the paper will be rejected and returned to the student, un-graded. 10% Written communication: 40% Total 100% Requirements: 13 pages Free of errors that detract from the overall message. Solid introduction and clear problem statement. Good writing mechanics including proper sentence structure, paragraph structure, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Main supporting points easily identifiable, plausible, sophisticated, insightful, and clear. Effective and clear transitions from point to point. Logical defense and support of your position using references or empirical data. Demonstrates a grasp of course concepts and theory and their application to the stated project management topic.

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