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1. Compile all previous Assignments 2-4 together into this final paper. 2. Add 4 more major sub-sections (2-6 pgs.) to bring your topic research to a close:
Pros and Cons- What are the benefits and shortcomings of your chosen topic?
Challenges- What are potential roadblocks and challenges to applying your topic in real-world organizations? These could be potential internal challenges or perhaps certain industries make it difficult? Think through this section like a consultant would.
Future Implications- What does the future state of your topic look like going forward in the next 5-10 years?
Conclusion- Bring all of your data, case study, and discussion to a close for the reader. 3. The total final paper, Assignment 5, should have many scholarly sources to reflect graduate level mastery of both theory and real-world application of those theories. Approx. 8-25 sources reflects the range from minimum to maximum. 4. Combine all previous papers into one paper with one title page, reference section, and appendices if needed. Be sure to edit this paper so it flows as one continuous paper. (approx. 15-40 pages is the range that papers typically fall within). Requirements: 15 pages | .doc file

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