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Read the article, “A social entrepreneur’s guide to changing the world.” According to Praszkier and Nowak (2014), a key component of social entrepreneurism is empathy. In fact, the attached Ashoka article states, “Empathy lies at the core of activating citizens and societies and as a skill, is the greatest tool available to tackle problems on both an individual and societal level.” With this in mind, write a 700-1000 word paper describing the importance of this “greatest tool” of social entrepreneurism – empathy. Identify two or more examples of social entrepreneurs and discuss the role of empathy in the work they do. As a recommendation, offers many stories about the work of social entrepreneurs. Feel free to search for other sources as well (be sure to cite your sources). Format the paper using APA style and at least one of the cited and referenced sources should be the textbook. Requirements: Detailed

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