Management Project- Current Trends in Management

Follow the Instructions Below: You will start this project by picking an organization that you are interested in profiling. Because you will need to get a good bit of information on this organization, pick an organization that you either have a personal connection to, or one that has a large amount of publicly available information. 1. Create an organizational chart of the management of the organization. 2. Choose three management positions and provide a job description of each one. 3. List three external environmental factors affecting the organization. 4. List three internal cultural factors described in your text. What do these factors tell you about the culture of your organization, and what it holds most important? 5. Develop a S.W.O.T. analysis for your organization. 6. After you have completed the S.W.O.T. analysis, conclude your presentation with the following: a. 1 long-term strategic goal and description of how they can reach that goal b. 1 short-term tactical goal and description of how they can reach that goal The deliverable: The deliverable is a slide presentation using the presentation software of your choice (PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.). The presentation should start with a description of your organization. It should then include all of the information from above in steps 1-6.

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