Morgan explores the metaphor of organizations as cultures.  Within this chapter, he discusses “Enactment” in which organizations are essentially socially constructed realities.  In your own words, explain enactment and provide an example to illustrate it not used by Morgan.
For each metaphor, Morgan includes a section titled “Strengths and Limitations” related to that metaphor.  Consider your organization (or one that you have some familiarity with) and select any two metaphors.  Using the strengths and limitations of your selected metaphors, assess which better fits, i.e. would be most useful in understanding, your organization.  Be sure to provide an explanation on how you arrived at your position.
Compare and contrast the approaches Kotter and Beer/Nohria present in their respective articles on change initiatives.
“Leading Change when Business is Good” presents an interview with Sam Palmisano, a former CEO of IBM.   Based on his comments (as presented in the article), make a case for which of the change management approaches presented in the book “On Change Management” best fits his views.  If you don’t believe any fit well, than relate his comments to specific elements from among the approaches presented (Kotter, Meyerson, Kegan, Beer, Sirkin, and Garvin).

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