Make A Powerpoint Presentation With Apa Format Develop A Community Based On At

 Make a powerpoint presentation with APA format : 

Develop a community based on at least 10 of the theories and/or concepts  including those associated with:

◦Type of Urban Community

◦Rise of Urban America

◦Ecology and Political Economy

◦Suburban Era

◦Urban Culture and Lifestyles 

◦The Social Environment of Metro Areas 

◦Diversity in the Population 

◦Cities and Change

◦Housing Policies, Sprawl, and Smart Growth 

◦Planning, New Towns, and New Urbanism 

◦Ecological Footprint

◦US Immigration Facts


Title Slide 

◦use APA formatting 

Introduction Slide 

◦bullet-point overview of main points

Content Slides 

◦bullet-point main points (a PPT presentation should not have paragraphs, rather it should be developed with sort statements that describe or explain your main point for each slide)

◦no more than one topic per slide

◦address at least 10 of the overall topics listed above

◦include in-text citations to the course material

Conclusion Slide 

◦bullet-point overview of main points

Reference Slide 

◦no bullet-points, no numbers (per APA)

◦APA reference list to correspond within-text citations provided in the content slides

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