Luna Community College Functionality of Power and Culture Discussion

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In this graded discussion forum I will be asking two questions. Students are required to answer both of my questions and in addition, for each question I ask, students are required to post replies to at least three other students. Basically, for each question I ask, students will reply to me and then reply to at least three other students. You will not be able to see postings made by other students until you reply to my question.

My first question is below:

Discuss the level of importance you attach to the issues of power and culture that are part of the informal components of an organization. What types of individual power do you or would you most identify with when trying to influence stakeholders within an organization?

(For now, you will mainly answer my first question and comment briefly on the three posts. I can only send the other three posts after you have finished the first question.)

Prof. Angela


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