LU History of Hunters and Gatherers Ancient Human Generations Discussion

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Choose one of the questions below and answer it in the form of brief but well-developed essay (2-3 pages in length, double-spaced with 1-inch margins, as Word files) Your essay should have an introduction that sets the historic context, a thesis, evidence or examples to prove your point (use study terms!), and a conclusion. Make specific references to the relevant information in the textbook (i.e. page number) or refer to other sources (e.g. websites).

Please upload your essays as a Word file in the “Essays” module on Blackboard. Due date is Sunday, October 4, before 11:59 pm.

  1. Analyze why hunter-gatherers gradually abandoned their way of life in favor of agriculture? What advantages and disadvantages did each of these ways of life have? Provide examples.
  2. What are the common civilizational characteristics of Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, and the Indus Valley? Analyze how the environment shaped the political structure, economy, and religious culture of these civilizations. Provide examples.
  3. What caused the collapse of the Bronze Age civilizations? How did civilizations in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Near East, and Asia reemerge, and what transformations lead to the rise of large-scale empires? Provide examples.

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