Long term care interview

The purpose of this assignment, the student is to conduct one independent interview of one different Long Term Care Managers. Preferably, the interviewee should be from your local area or an area as close as possible to you. If possible, a face-to-face interview is preferred; however, a telephone interview is acceptable. You may use as many contacts with your interviewees as necessary to complete your assignment. NOTE: Your interview must be from three different LTC Administrators. Your written report will be a minimum of 2-3 pages in length not to include the cover or reference pages. Your paper should be professionally written in an acceptable style, with double spaced, 12-point appropriate font. Scoring for this assignment will take into account the content of the paper, the requirements of the assignment, and any obvious spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation errors. The format of your report is your choice. Should include the following elements: 1. The name of the person interviewed; the name and address of the agency. 2. Means by which interview process occurred i.e. telephone or in person. 3. Number of employees, length of time in business, fee-for-service or not-for-profit and why, solo, partnership, or corporate, community-based office or in-home office. 4. Area served i.e. city, county, multiple county, etc. 5. Average number of Patients on a regular basis over the year. 6. Size of facility Specialty areas or niche areas (if any). 7. Fee schedule (if willing to share) and how services are established 8. Referral sources. Where do they get their new Clients? 9. Brief description of services provided by agency. 10. Any or all licenses, certifications, or specialty designation held by owner/operator. 11. Professional affiliations and association memberships. 12. Challenges faced by the geriatric care manager. Requirements: 2-3

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