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I want tow essays normal essays not a high professionals ones and with no copy and paste and no plagiarism.

you must write in response .

This essay should be about 5-7 double spaced pages in length.

In evaluating your work, I’ll especially attend to:

1) your response to the prompt.

2) the scope and sophistication of your engagement with relevant texts and classroom conversations.

3) the clarity, precision, and coherence of your argument, including the mechanics and diction of your writing.

In class, we talked about the the capacity we call “freedom” being one of the things that sets humans apart from other animals. We also noted that when we think about freedom, we typically do so in terms of choice; to be free it to have choices, and more choices are usually equated with more freedom. But we also read and talked about freedom being other than, or more than, mere choice; Christian tradition has held that freedom is about choosing and doing good, and Annie Dillard, in her essay “Living Like Weasels,” suggests that choice can be the enemy of true freedom. Write an essay in conversation with your learning about freedom, giving an account of what freedom is, why it is important, and how it properly functions socially in terms of the freedom and flourishing of others.

N.B.: This essay offers the opportunity to integrate what you’ve learned about freedom with any number of other topics that impinge in various ways on what we mean by freedom. Feel free to incorporate any of your learning to this point in your work here.

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