Log On The Course Read The Information And Take The 7 Questions Exam In 30minut

 Log on the course, read the information and take the 7 questions exam in 30minutes. A+ or B+ grade only.

 Assignment: WA3 

  • Due             Jun 12 at 11:59pm           
  • Points 10 
  • Questions 7 
  • Available          Jun 3 at 12:01am – Jun 12 at 11:59pm         10 days  
  • Time Limit          30 Minutes      


READ Rowlandson, Mather, and Taylor before you take this quiz. Select the BEST response.

  • You have only ONE attempt at this quiz. 
  • Quizzes will not be reset for any reason.
  • Quizzes will not be reopened after the due date.

Prof. Angela


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