Literary analysis essay of the short stories.

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You are to write a literary analysis essay about the short stories you read. In other words, write about one or two literary elements of the stories, like conflict, characterization, symbolism,, etc., using instances from the stories to support YOUR analysis. Read the article assigned called “Elements of Literary Analysis.” You may use two or three of the stories read. Be sure you have enough analysis to cover the three pages assigned. Discuss how the elements are used in the stories, compare how the elements are the same or different, or any approach you would like to use.

Essay must be in correct MLA format, 3-5 pages, with supporting evidence from the short stories read.
Essay must be in 3rd person objective point of view. No “I, me, my, you.”
Analyze a specific literary element from the following list based on two or three of the short stories read:
  • Theme
  • Conflict
  • Characterization
  • Symbolism
  • Setting
  • Style
  • Tone
  • Figurative Language

See notes on Literary Elements in Class Notes section for reference.

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