LIT 350 PLNU The Things They Carried and The Shape of The Sword Story Questions

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1. For “The Things They Carried,” please answer question 4 from the Literary Terms Worksheet, paying particular attention in the story to the progression of the “things” they carried from the beginning of the story to the end. In your answer, please account for this progression and speculate how it contributes to the narrative.

Question 4 from Literary Terms Worksheet: “Who is the story’s narrator?”

2. For “How to Tell a True War Story,” please follow the theme of “truth” throughout the story, isolating and explaining this theme with textual evidence.

**Both “The Things They Carried” and “How To Tell a True War Story” are in the pdf provided.

3. For “The Shape of the Sword,” this is a frame story, a story within a story. As such, there is also a plot twist at the end. Please read this story twice, and explain where in the story Borges gave you hints about the twist (think “Sixth Sense,” if you have seen that movie).

Link to “The Shape of the Sword”:

Please put ALL answers in complete sentences.

Please use direct quotes from the text.

MLA Format.

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