Liberty University Contemporary Management Techniques of Uber Company Discussion

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Select a well-known company with which you have some familiarity (specify the type of industry). Then, select 1 of the contemporary management techniques listed in Chapter 1 of the Blocher & Hicks text. Why and how do you feel that the contemporary management technique selected would be a positive force in helping the company achieve its critical success factors?

You will participate in 2 Discussion Board Forums, each spanning 2 modules/weeks. In the first module/week, submit a thread of 300–450 words directly addressing the forum prompt. You must also submit your thread via the SafeAssign submission link in the assigned module/week’s Assignments folder. This submission link will check the level of originality in your thread. Copy the text of your thread and paste it in the Text Submission box. In the next module/week, submit a meaningful reply of 200–350 words to a classmate’s thread.

In your threads, synthesize course material and demonstrate critical thinking, graduate-level writing skills, and mature reflection. Cite the textbooks and scholarly articles from professional accounting and business journals. Use at least 3 journal articles for Forum 1 and at least 2 for Forum 2.

Adhere to current APA format in all posts. Note that management techniques must not be capitalized. Consult the grading rubrics to see how you will be graded.

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