Letter of Transmittal

Till now, you have been examining and revising different examples of technical microgenres in your field. Your final project, a recommendation report, is where you put it all together and showcase your knowledge and skills. By now, you should have an idea of what changes the writers of your basis document(s) need to change in order to be consistent with the principles of technical writing.

A formal report usually comes with a letter of transmittal covering it (hence the term cover letter). The first step in drafting the final project is to draft that cover letter. For the cover letterassignment, consider the following:

  • Who is your audience? Who are you writing to—a single author? A committee/panel/board? Several different authors of disparate documents? (If so, do they share anything in common, e.g. all nurses, all HR personnel, etc?)
  • What’s your tone? I’ll answer this for you: you’re intending to be helpful and supportive, while remaining deferent. You’re writing to them because as a technical writer, you have some tips or suggested edits/revisions that could help them communicate their content more effectively.
  • What format will you use? Please read STC pp.102, 104. If your intended readership is more conservative, consider using traditional format and a serif font. If your intended readership is more progressive, consider using block format and a sans serif font.

The cover letter, or letter of transmittal, should look and read like a business letter.

topic for cover letter: Health Administration or anything related to health

I have included 2 PDF’s in which will help with the cover letter. Please Follow how to do it and read the directions.

Prof. Angela


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