leadership at work

The argumentative essay builds on the information literacy skills that are developed in the Annotated Bibliography and develops written communication, analytical and critical thinking skills.

Each student selects a specific topic from the broad theme, leadership at work, and develops an arguable proposition on which to write the essay. Students may use articles any of the articles that were discovered by their group in the process of completing their Annotated Bibliographies as well as other scholarly articles. There should be a minimum of four articles used in this essay.

There must be at least two sides to the argument about the proposition in the essay. The selected topic may be the same as the Annotated Bibliography or a topic by another group. Each student is required to write a 1500 word essay on the selected topic. The format must be in 12pt font and double spaced.

The purpose of this assignment is to develop/improve skills in writing, analysis, and argumentation in addition to adding to the depth of understanding about the role of leadership in the workplace. Assistance with the assignment is available through individual appointments with the Learning Skills Advisors. The Assessment Rubric may be found on Blackboard under Assignments/Argumentative Essay.

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