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Wk 1 Individual: Historical Leadership Matrix 

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Perform a comparative analysis of five historical leadership approaches, including:

o Great Man Theory

o Trait Theory

o Behavioral Theory

o Skills Approach

o Your Own Selection

Compare each approach for the following domains using the Historical Leadership Matrix:

o Description

o Primary characteristics

o Strengths

o Criticisms

o Discipline-specific applications

******The matrix is a pre-writing ‘tool’ to use as you analyze literature on a specific topic. Once you have completed the readings, the matrix provides a ‘visual’ of the information to use for evaluation: similarities/differences, pros/cons, etc.

Complete the Historical Approaches matrix located in Appendix A of the Example Paper and list the references in the references section of the Example Paper.

Submit the Example Paper with a properly formatted title page, properly formatted references, and the completed matrix in Appendix A.


o Center for Writing Excellence

o Grammar and Writing Guides

o Doctoral Writing Resources

Week 1 discussion 1 que: 

Prepare a 2- to 3-sentence description of your current leadership philosophy.

Week 1 discussion 2 que: 

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Search online and find a video (YouTube, Ted, UOPX Library, etc) you believe best aligns with your personal view of leadership.

1. Summarize the video (150+ words) and explain why you believe the video is or is not aligned with Northouse’s definition of leadership as described in the Sage video on page 2 of the e-text.

2. End your post with a question for the class related to your video. (Avoid yes or no questions, think critically)

3. Include the link to your video so others may view it also.

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