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One of the hallmarks of qualitative research is writing detailed observations when collecting data. For this assignment, take a notebook with you to a public setting where social interaction takes place (restaurant, public library, public park, shopping mall, airport, etc.). Observe for an hour, then write up your notes into a descriptive vignette, looking for patterns in events and actions. Observe as though you are a stranger in a new country, trying to make sense of the action around you. Describe how things look, smell, sound, feel, etc. Be as descriptive as possible. Write up your observations into a vignette with the intention of having readers feel as though they are in the environment you choose to observe. Do not be shy to talk to people and ask what they are doing for more information. Remember to concentrate on observing the context only (no personal opinions)! This paper should be no longer than 3 pages double-spaced. There is going to be follow-up with this assignment through the Developing Conclusions Assignment.Assignment Specifics:Student will write a 3 double-spaced reflective paper.Citations from any of the Learn material from the assigned module. Requirements: 3-4 | .doc file

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