Knowledge Building and Sharing

To create knowledge, it may take an international assignment (expatriates) and the sharing of personal experiences. The assignment can be assigned from the organization to allow the right person to be stationed overseas for a certain amount of time. The sharing of the knowledge also known as the transfer knowledge, obliges the firm to create opportunities for the person to share personal experiences through a formal sharing tool. The organization must provide this individual to use what they have learned from this experience. Steps to turn to Knowledge: Socialization-joining a group Articulation- Conversations in a team Combination- Creating or using existing concepts/ideas Internationalization- learning by doing Week Two Discussion Questions (due by Thursday) Note: Please type the question and then the answer which should be about 250 words for each question. Please respond to 2 classmates posting (due Sunday). As we explore the need for knowledge building, several impending challenges emerge. Considering your readings and experiences, as a leader think about the following: Discussion Question: What may possibly become challenges to knowledge building and sharing? How can these be overcome?

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