Kingston Validation System Based on Fingerprint Iris Recognition Presentation

Question Description

Formative Viva

What Learning Outcome Will Be Assessed?

Apply skills to show an ability to engage in academic and professional communication with others in their field through report and presentation
Assessment Brief
This is a formative assessment for the final viva and formative feedback for the rest of the project and the final dissertation. It is important to demonstrate the ability to summarise the results of your work and present them to others. You will be asked to prepare a presentation – 30 minutes Including 15 minutes questions and discussion – summarising the progress you have made and your plans to complete the project. This will be seen by your supervisors.

The Viva/Presentation comprises:

Work to date. Including
Background and motivation.
Progress, for example, objectives achieved, preliminary results, specifications etc.
Problems encountered and their resolution, or plans for their resolution. Methods for future work
Future plan
Discussion regarding Ethics aspects relating to the project
Discussion regarding legal and professional issues related to the project
Once you perform this formative viva with your supervisors, please submit the slides of the viva to Canvas via this assignment link.

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