Kindgdom Model of Policy Making

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I could not think of a more opportune time to introduce each of you to the Kindgdom Model of Policy Making. The added knowledge you will gain form this reading during these unprecented times could not be better planned.

As you write your individual paper reflect on the following using a minimum of 1000 words.

1. How does the Kingdom Model compare to the public policymaking process in the US discussed during the second week of the course.

2. Reflect on the US current state and the many event that have led to windows of opportunity in policy making. Please consider the Political and Policy stream

3. Lastly, how to interest groups and The bureaucratic system influence how Policy comes to be enacted.

This is an individual paper and however you are each reading one assigned document each of your points of views on the posed reflections should be personal.

Please use appropriate grammar and reference all ideas that are not your own.

Prof. Angela


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