Kennesaw State University Tesla SWOT Analysis

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Professors Instruction:

What are Tesla’s greatest strengths and weaknesses in your opinion (I’m looking for your own opinion – please don’t search for and link to a site listing SWOT elements for Tesla). What do you think are the most important opportunities and threats they face going forward? Have they created a unique fit between their internal company resources and the external market environment? Where do you think Tesla should focus their resources and future efforts?

Tired of Tesla?? Alternatively – choose a competitor in any of Tesla’s core markets. For example, you might select one of the companies trying to beat them to market with autonomous vehicle driving technology. You choose!

My Instruction:

This is just a discussion post that is usually 5 paragraphs long. No need to use citations, just add the link to any information used at the bottom (I typically use 1 or 2). Just to be clear, in this post you can write about Tesla’s swot OR a competitor’s. I need this done by tomorrow 9/9/20 by 3:00pm.

Prof. Angela


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