Kaplan Leadership Qualities Critical And Business Creative Thinking Essay

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Discussion Topic: Leadership Qualities

  • Use “Red Ribbon Committee and Sober Graduation” (p.274) from the textbook by Adams and Galanes (2018).

The Red Ribbon Committee is a community group in California’s Central Valley. The committee develops, plans, and presents several community events each year that promote a sober and drug-free lifestyle. Each year the committee debates whether the sober graduation party should last all night or end at 2 or 3 A.M. Students, noting that their parents would not approve of an all-night event, have said they’d be willing to go even if it was not all night. Lupe (a 50-year-old Latina woman with strong community ties) and Tracy (a divorced Caucasian woman in her late 40s who is quite vocal about how things should be done) argue that it should end early because the students and chaperones get too tired. In addition, they note that the majority of problems usually happen after 2 A.M. They suggest that the main goal of sober graduation is to get as many students as possible to attend, and that means guaranteeing their safety. The other four members of the group (a Caucasian female and former school board member, a wealthy female Portuguese dairy owner who is feared in the community, a Portuguese man who is very active in the community, and a young Caucasian man employed by the school district) argue that the goal is to ensure the kids are safe all night. Traditionally, they add, these events have been all-night affairs. Lupe and Tracy have become increasingly adamant; they want the others to try their idea at least once to see how it would work.

You are the leader of this group. At this point, how would you stimulate creative and critical thinking in this group?

1. Offer suggestions, relevant to this committee, about how members can stimulate creative thinking?

2. Offer ways the group can critically examine the suggestions generated by creative thinking?

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