Justin Bieber S Bakery Owes Betty Crocker Money But Bieber S And The Firm Have No Mo 3910542

The answers to the questions should include the legal analysis you used to reach your conclusion. An answer of “yes” or “no” is not sufficient and no points will be given. The legal analysis is applying the legal concepts you learned in the textbook and applying them to the facts. Your answers to questions 3 and 4 should have at least 150 words.

1. Justin Bieber’s bakery owes Betty Crocker money but Bieber’s and the firm have no money. Betty Crocker claims James’s girlfriend, Beyonce, is a partner because she receives 20% of the profits. Is Beyonce a partner? Why or why not?

2. What if Beyonce were receiving 20% of the gross receipts, not 20% of the profits?

3. Discussion Question #3 (p. 851)

4. Discussion Question #5 (p. 851)

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