Justify Your Perspective With Reference To Evidence Based Research And Recent Litera 2904175

Your task is to write a rationale, centred on the evidence based literature as to why it is important for educators to stand as leaders and engage with families and communities in educational settings.

TOPIC: With reference to credible contemporary literature and evidence-based research, write a rationale for why educators should lead families and communities in engaging with school communities. Outline three strategies recommended in the literature you would use to do this in your context.

Remember to:

· Justify your perspective with reference to evidence-based research and recent literature (last six years) drawn from credible journals and sites.

· Move beyond description towards critical analysis and reflection; demonstrate a connected argument that merges theory and practice.

· Comply to academic writing conventions, including correct referencing format both in-text and end-text of the assignment is expected. The ECU Libraries are well resourced and should be utilized.

The quality of your work will be assessed in terms of:

· Depth of information presented and researched

· Critical thinking, reflection and effectiveness of argument

· Merging of theory and practice

· Presentation and compliance to academic writing (APA referencing)

I see this as a topic that all teachers need to be thinking abut whatever the year level you teach at school. If you work at high school or primary school all teachers work to engage families. You will read the literature that is pertinent to the year level you teach (eg if you are at high school then it will be about how to engage families of high school students).There are two parts to this assignment:

1. The rationale – this is about why it is important for teachers to engage with families of the students you teach and the community – where the children and families live.

2. Three strategies that you have read about to make this happen.

**Please choose High School (Year 7-Year 10) as my focus.

This is now linked to Assignment 2. I will be using the three strategies identified above for a Action Research Plan (I will share the details later- due only on 31st May 2019). I will need your help with this as well.

Prof. Angela


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