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A portfolio (used when job seeking) is a collection of documents or images that provides the potential employer an overview of the applicant’s credentials, skills and accomplishments. It demonstrates the applicant’s talents. This portfolio exercise is to give you increased experience based on your internship experience. Portfolios must be:The original work of each student, demonstrating appropriate business writing skillsProfessional in content and appearance, and free of spelling and grammatical errors using proper APA formatting, utilizing 12pt Times New Roman formatting. Interns are encouraged to seek proofreading assistance; however, the document is required to be in the student’s own writing. Students are required to submit one (1) electronic copy of the final portfolio.The portfolios will include (in this order):1.Cover Page (Site Name, Students Name (lower left), Submission Date (lower right)2.Professional cover letter. (12-point font Times New Roman)3.Your updated resume reflecting your internship experience, (see link for format of Resume and Cover Letter)… one-page description of your job duties and responsibilities. (You may base this upon the written list (paragraph format)4.A one-paragraph description, in your own words of your organization. Describe the basic nature of the organization and its mission ( its an insurance company). 5. Career Mapping Assignment, interns will develop a career pathways template clearly explaining each intern fifteen-year pathway in increments of five (5) years 1-5 years; 6-10 years and 11-15 years. This is a long-range planning guide for your personal and career development. (see example link) career mapping template Requirements: follow the instructions

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