Jacksonville University Tang Dynasty Ceramics Research Paper

Study the work and life of one clay artist working in the hand-building tradition. Remember this is a ceramic class, if the artist you choose works in another media, be sure to write and evaluate his/her ceramic works.

Prepare a typed, double-spaced research paper synopsis (2 page minimum, 3 page maximum) describing the forms, surface treatment and firing style, time considerations in relation to historical uses and contemporary uses, aesthetics of the style and how it applies to your own ideals of art making and artwork. Be sure to discuss technical as well as aesthetic concerns, clay body types relevant to the style and its impact on the surface characteristics. Discuss what you would change about the process if anything or what you would be interested in altering. Must include images supporting research. When referencing specific works, biographical information on the artist is not necessary. This research is about the artwork, not the life of an artist. Use MLA style to cite references. Must cite references or paper will receive a grade of F.

Historical topics: Chinese hand-built Forms (any dynasty)

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