ITMG 381 AMU Original Idea for Social Networking Case Study

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Assignment Instructions:

Read the case study on pp. 43-45 of the textbook and answer the following questions:

  1. Who
    do you think should be known as the one who came up with the original
    idea for social networking? Which is more important: the idea or the
    execution of the idea? Please explain.
  2. Given
    that the judge ordered a $65 million cash-stock award to the ConnectU
    founder, and ConnectU’s legal bill is reportedly $13 million, the
    ConnectU founders are in arbitration with the law firm now over the
    bill. Recommend an alternative verdict and award in this case. Be sure
    to justify your decision.

Read the case study on pp. 82-84

  1. The
    Supreme Court’s standard makes it harder for plaintiffs to survive
    motions to dismiss their claims. How can plaintiffs plead a more
    compelling theory?
  2. How should defendants adjust their business practices based on this decision?

attached are the case studies for the questions. minimum of 250 words total.

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