ITESM Museum Website Artworks Choice Essay

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Minimum 500 words (2 pages, double spaced)

Times New Roman, 12 point, black

Find additional scholarly information on your choices in the library online databases such as JSTOR and Oxford Art Online

There must be a connection between the artwork from the museum’s website and the one that you choose from your internet research. Explain the connection between the two artworks in your proposal. Are they both about war? Are they both anti-war? Is one pro-war, and the other against war? Is one about a leader’s greatness? The other about another leader’s barbarity? The more different the time period and the materials used (oil on canvas, photography, sculpture), the better! It makes the “contrast” part of your paper very interesting. Try not to compare/contrast two sculptures to one another, for instance. You’ll have very little to write about. Remember, your choices must be at least 200 years apart in age.

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