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Manufacturing (excluding car manufacturing) You can write on any company that directly manufactures a product. I will note that for this project you will need to use some creativity, as companies do not post on their website what software tools they are using, or what problems they encounter which could be solved with technology. Therefore I encourage you to discover what problems generally exist for companies in the same industry as the one you select as a starting point. The initial part of your report will have the following sections: a) Introduction – Provide a brief introduction to your report and the overall IT topic that you will study. Briefly describe what the organization specializes in terms of providing services or producing goods. b) Organizational Description – Provide a description of the organizational and governance structure including the leadership team, the locations, headquarters, number of employees, and its competitors. c) Information Technology Systems – Describe the IT systems utilized by the company such as the software and hardware. Try to be as specific as possible. d) Information Technology Challenges and Opportunities– Identify an IT challenge or a challenge that can be solved using IT. Briefly describe how the organization is solving this challenge. Be as specific as possible. This part of the report should not be more than 1000 words. Evaluation and Feedback The Team report will be marked in its entirety out of 100. The following rubric indicates the criteria students are to adhere to, and their relative weights to the assignment overall. Activities/Competencies Demonstrated % of Final Grade 1 Content – The submission must demonstrate solid research and insightful observations. a. Description of the organization /25 b. Description of the IT operations /25 c. Identification of potential challenges insightful and realistic. /25 2 Writing Style and Organization Writing Quality – Writing must be logically organized and free of grammatical and typographical errors. /15 3 References – All references should be cited as per the APA style manual. /10 Total /100 Requirements: 4000 words

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