IT 201 Southern New Hampshire University Software Components Descriptive Essay

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Given the scenario in the attachment, what are the best hardware, software, networking, and information security options for addressing your client’s business
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
III. Software Applications
A. Examine the business’s issues to determine specific software requirements. What are the types of software applications that should be
considered? Identify multiple possible options within each category, being sure to cite specific examples wherever appropriate.
B. Then, compare and contrast the options you have listed. Be sure to cite specific evidence that supports your evaluation. What are their
functional strengths and weaknesses? How do they compare in terms of cost, vendor credibility, multiuser access, technical support, and
C. Compose a final list detailing all of your specific software recommendations for your client. Be sure to logically justify your proposal as the best
possible choice for meeting the business requirements.

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