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Can I have a correctly formatted MLA Works Cited page and a correctly formatted APA References page.

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ContentsNoH !The Introduchin WASShakespeare: Prefatory RemarksIntroductionxx# & xxxillwon’t en by the editorsThe Tragedy of Macbeth37Textual Note132The Source of Macbeth136Selections from Raphael Holinshed:Chronicles of England, Scotland andIreland137Commentaries:Samuel Johnson: Macbeth156A. C. Bradley: from ShakespeareanTragedy166Elmer Edgar Stoll:’ Source and Motive inMacbeth and . Othello .*183Cleanth Brooks: The Naked Babe and theCloak of Manliness196Oscar James Campbell: From"Shakespeare and the ‘New’ Critics"222Mary Mccarthy: General Macbeth229Joan Larsen Klein: Lady Macbeth:"Infirm of Purpose"241Sylvan Barnet: Macbeth on Stageand Screen254Suggested References268

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