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I have attached a case study on which the following question is based: “What approach would you take to address the business culture and old school mentality of company executives?” Please answer the question and let me know.

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ISEM 5001 2 Wire Harness Co . Exercise1/5 / 2019Your team has been hired as a consultant for a small wire harness manufacturer to outline somrecommendations relative to their IS IT capabilities and to guide them in establishing a IT Strategic PlanWhat you knowCompany executives ( CEO , CFO , and coo ) have shared the followingThe company has a defined a business strategic plan that will grow and transformcompany ‘s earnings from a $75M to $150 M , a 100 – percent revenue growth projectionover the next 3 yearsFrom an Information systems perspective , the company’s strategic plan outlinesinitiatives and investments addressing new computers , server , and expansion of10 Base 2 InfrastructureThe company will be expanding its wire harness production for three existing productlines from 5 000 units per day to 15 000 units per day in the next 8 months to meet newand existing customer demandsThe company will offer a new services to supply electrical control box assembly unitswithin the next 18 monthshe company will be expanding to a two shift operation increasing their total employeeheadcount from 100 to 150 ( 2 – shop supervisors , 1 – production manager , 1 – engineer , 1 -quality control specialist , and 45 laborers )There is no full time ( 10 or IT Manager ; but there is a consultant that comes In once amonth charging $75 / hour0 Bottlenecks in engineering , inventory , sales , and productionConcerned about keeping up with customer demands and ability to transform with therapid growth of the businessCFO concerned about the inefficiencies and accuracy of inventorof inventories , sales , production ,and purchasing systemsCEO and COO are old school when it comesto technology whereas the CFO believesinvestments should be made in an Ennts should be made in an Enterprise Resource Planning System with integratedSupply chain management ( SCM ) , salessales , production , payroll , and financialsCFO , company managers , and long time bytime business partner has expressed his concerns toCEO regarding the capabilities , reliability , scalability , and security of their informationsystemsBusiness Processes & Information Systems EnvironmentsMain server located in center of business office hallway under table10 Base – 2 Ethernet cabling and repeaters hanging in offices , shop floor , hallwaysNo central IT computer roomCompany has a web page , not updated in last two yearsCorporate web email and internet access through local ISPWorkstations running Windows 98 and XP each with individual copies of virusprotection , Main Server running Window Server 2003

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