Irvine Valley College James Rachels Argument on Privacy Philosophy Essay

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Paper length: 1500 – 1800 words.

Paper Prompts: Write on ONE of the following topics:

(1) According to James Rachels, privacy is valuable because it allows us to develop varied and meaningful interpersonal relationships. Explain Rachels argument. Discuss two objections to Rachels argument.

(2) Is obfuscation a form of lying? Is it morally allowed? Explain your answer in detail by referring to one of the three moral theories dscussed in week 4.

(3) Matthew Liao distinguishes between four positions regarding the question of whether reproductive genetic engineering is morally permissible — the perfectionist view, the libertarian view, the human nature view, and the motivation view. Explain one of these views. Explain what, if anything, is problematic about this view.

(4) Should deaf parents have the right to bring deaf children up as members of Deaf Culture? Should hearing parents have the right to bring deaf children up as memvers of Deaf Culture? Explain your answers.

Let me know which one you are gonna choose. by the way you didn’t tell me which one to choose last time.

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