INTL 434 AMU Economic Factors and Threat Assessments Discussion

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Discussion forum.

Context: Economic activity and its impact both on
the US/allies and on adversary state and non-state actors is an area
with much complexity, requiring a nuanced analytic approach–we care in
INTL434 because the second order effects of economic downturns are
important factors for long-term predictive threat assessments.

Question: Discuss how economic factors impact threat
assessments and relate one contemporary example of an economic factor
that might contribute to the higher likelihood of a threat to US national security interests within a foreign country. Does Moore’s Sensemaking approach (pg. 105-129) offer any ideas on how to conduct threat assessments using economic factors?

Fully cite any paraphrased ideas or quotes by page number in Chicago format

below are the required readings for the assignment to go off of and reference:

Moore’s Sensemaking (pg.105-129):

Worldwide Threat Assessment of the Intelligence Community pp. 19-21:…

Structured Inequality, Conflict, and Control: A Cross-National Test of the Threat Hypothesis:

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