INTL 434 American Military University Malware Cyberespionage & Cybercriminals Paper

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Context: Cyber threats can cause damage or
degradation to critical infrastructure, like energy, transportation,
electricity or water. It is not too difficult to see why cyber threats
are hard to assess, yet at the same time can have what some view as
existential nation-state impacts. The globe suffered a significant
ransomware attack in mid-2017, so this question is quite relevant and

Question: Describe the most important factor
about cyber threats that make them a complex challenge for the
intelligence community to assess–choose either a factor for traditional
nation-state cyber threats or for non-state actor cyber threats. Finish
with a quick argument whether cyber threats (they are not just attacks,
but can include information manipulation) can affect popular perceptions in nation-states–is that an important consideration in assessing threats?

required readings that are to be used as references are listed below:

addressing cyber threats to oil and gas suppliers: file:///C:/Users/rober/AppData/Local/Temp/Energy_Brief_Clayton_Segal.pdf

Islam’s Bloody Innards? Religion and Political Terror, 1980-2000:

A theory of categorical terrorism:

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