INTL 434 American Military University Critical Emerging Threats Analysis Paper

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Assignment Instructions:

most experts see the most important element of the future threats as
emerging technologies, yet the IC remains doggedly focused on
counterterrorism. As we have seen throughout history, the advent of
industrial revolution has changed the course of warfare, so it should
not surprise any of us to see that technology might dramatically change
the nature of threats and as such, make them harder for intelligence
analysts to assess. Policy makers need help from intelligence analysts
to understand how much of the IC effort should be focused on each type
of new threat or an evolution of an existing threat like terrorism.

Question: Discuss what you view as the most critical
emerging threats: one nation-state and one non-state threat. Briefly
list the most critical threats argued by this week’s assigned readings
authors. If yours are different than the readings, why is that so?

attached are the required reading that need to be referenced in the assignment.

Bring in the course concepts from all this week’s readings and
lesson for a top score. Fully cite any paraphrased ideas or quotes by
page number in Chicago format.

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