International Financial Management – Part of Group Project – Jaguar PLC

Hello, This is part of a group project I am in about the case of Jaguar PLC. I am attaching all the PDFs the professor gave to us for guidance. This is going through so please do not plagiarize! As for how many pages , write as much as you can but also how much you think is necessary for these questions . I was thinking around 2 pages. ONLY DO #2 IN THE PROJECT! Please do not do other parts of the project that are not necessary for you to do. Which is: 2) •How much is Jaguar worth in sterling at the beginning of 1984? •In order to focus on the issues related to risk management we provide a spreadsheet that with a framework for the valuation and the projected free cash flow for 1984 (see Jaguar.xls and the assumptions used in the next page). To finish the valuation you should make your own assumptions for 1985 and beyond. In particular, you should determine what are reasonable forecasts for the value of the $/£ rate. •Furthermore, thoughts must be given to how these exchange rates will affect the prices and quantity of Jaguar cars sold in the U.S. Thank you for your help! Requirements: 2 pages

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